The Undeniably Famous Bandage Dress

Bandage dresses are up high on the fashion list. They have become quite popular among the celebrities, which have seen a surge in the bandage dresses in all the top fashion stores. Bandage dresses are quite popular everywhere and can be worn as formal dresses and casual wear depending upon the individual style.

Bandage dresses are available in different colours and styles. The best bandage dresses are a combination of vibrant colours. Different fashion lines have different colour combinations. The best combination in my viewpoint is a combination of black and white. This combination makes any dress look trendy and can be worn on any occasion.



Bandage dresses have been worn since a long time and they evolved and re-evolved to their latest forms. Previously the seams were quite prominent which in a way helped the women to hide the ebbs in their bodies. However as the technology seeped into dress making the bandage dresses seemed have smooth seams and hence they became suitable for proportionate bodies. The best display of bandage dress was by Lindsay Lohan in Herve Leger on the sets of Ugly Betty in Manhattan. It emphasized her sexy figure. In fact, she seemed to be quite comfortable in her dress and looked quite impressive. Bandage dresses generally cling to the body and hence seem to be most suitable for women with proportionate figures. These dresses bring out the best of the body as they have stripes of different colours. However, bandage dresses can be of a single colour also. They seem to be stripes of cloth attached together and the seams seem to blend with each other.


On formal occasions, bandage dresses seem to be preferred by women who have well maintained figures. These dresses can be worn with stilettos and high-heeled shoes. Skin tights can be worn under these dresses to enhance the legs. A clutch type of purse goes well with bandage dresses. It is hard to find a suitable handbag, which goes with bandage dresses, and a clutch purse is the best option available. Theses dresses seem to be chic when worn with high heeled shoes and can be worn on various occasions. There are many types of celebrity bandage dresses. Some of them are listed below:


  • Sleeveless bandage dresses – These come without sleeves and start from the neckline.
  • Champagne sleeveless – Champagne sleeveless dresses are tube dresses.
  • Spaghetti strapped – Spaghetti straps are present on the dresses.
  • With short sleeves – Short sleeved dresses with sleeves made in a bandage style.
  • Backless bandage dresses – Backless dress have the backs exposed.
  • Short bandage dresses – Dresses which are above knee length.
  • Shorter knee length – Dresses which stop on the knees.
  • Long bandage dresses – Little lower than knee length.


Many other bandage dresses are also available in the market. However, these are the popular ones. The main thing to remember while wearing bandage dresses is that one should have a well proportionate body and it should be worn with correct accessories.


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