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Polo shirts are different to usual t shirts in that they often have a placket of two or three buttons at the front and fabric taping at the back of the neck, and were originally also know as golf or tennis shirts due to their affiliations with the players of these sports. Polo shirts are an easy to wear and versatile item of clothing that can be worn by both men and women. The comfortable fit of a polo shirt makes it a great choice for all physiques, complimenting those who are slim or broad equally. Polo shirts are frequently seen as part of sportswear or team kits, with employers often choosing polo shirts for staff uniforms, particularly in the retail and technology sector. The polo shirt has recently become more popular with large fashion houses and a staple for those looking for an effortlessly casual street style too.

Embroidered polo shirts and printed polo shirts are a great option for the workplace. Available in a wide range of colours, a company name or logo can simple be added to the lapel, making them a popular choice for businesses looking to supply staff with individual uniforms. Another asset of a printed polo shirt is for use during promotional events. Easy to coordinate with any product, simply choose your desired colour of fabric and add a customised design or logo where appropriate.

Personalised polo shirts are a great way to customise your look when branding your own sportswear. Enhance the look of your team or excursion group by adding names to your polo shirts, which is especially great for children’s school kits as every shirt is easily identifiable. Charity walks and trips benefit from personalised polo shirts too, making sure the charity involved is clearly displayed on your clothing every step of the way.

Not just for use at work or on the sports field, why not design your own polo shirt, either as part of a gift for someone else or for your own wardrobe? They make a fun choice when organising a stag or hen party, providing a memento to keep as well as something to wear on the day. Designing your own polo shirt is a great way to commemorate any event, and are also popular with school leavers and university graduates, with names and dates of the person and the year they are leaving usually added to the polo shirt design.

Not only are they smart, durable and easy to wear, but best of all polo shirts can be worn in any season. Wear alone in spring or summer, with most polo shirts available in breathable fabrics, or underneath sweaters and jumpers in the colder months. Ideal for a range of occasions and a fun and unique way to commemorate any event, why not design your own polo shirts to brighten up your child’s school kit, your staff uniforms or simply as a fun memento for yourself or a friend.


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