Nail stickers from MISS x Minx 2013

New and hot nail stickers! MISS and Minx have joined forces to create a stunning set designs, inspired by the eighties. And you should definitely take a closer acquainted with them!

Those who rushed to get rid of nail stickers (or dry lacquer or varnish film, as they are called), describing them as strange quirk, very much much mistaken. More and more labels now want to jump into the fast outgoing coach nail art stickers nail on the NCLA already become classics, while other brands (eg, such asEssie ) has yet to make its first debut.



Minx definitely not be called a rookie, but the designs, they invented, always look incredibly fresh and original.In addition, there is one caveat: a joint collaboration MISS x Minx co-founder has allowed MISS , Gabrielle Davie-Khorasani ( Gabriella Davi-Khorasanee ), show themselves. Besides the fact that she is an experienced blogger, Gabriella is also known as the founder and designer of the brand Mama - this is the person who really knows what will be in the spotlight this season.

New collection stickers nail boasts lots of exciting patterns, mixed in one big mix. The past has always been a great source of inspiration for the present. The eighties were able to greatly influence the entire world of fashion, and the new collection is definitely pays tribute to those glory days. As we know, in the eighties there was nothing refined and sophisticated, and therefore in the new collection can not find something muted and soft.



New nail stickers will suit those who like to be the center of attention, and, of course, those who are always on the lookout for exciting ideas and designs. In this respect, especially stands out a set of “ Paradise ”, which seems to be the best-recreates the spirit of the eighties.

Inspired by the “beloved French brand every girl” stickers «Coco» bring your raid posh, proper creations of this luxury brand is not showing off with high prices. Love the bright colors, monochromatic coloring and a metallic luster? ” Color Block ”,” Kisses Neon ”or” Kisses Metallics ”- one of the most splendid options offered by the brand. A “ Mi Vida Loca ”and” Like, Totally ”complement and complete line of delicious trend alternatives. They will look just like a mini-party on your nails.


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