Flared jeans

Flared jeans keep coming back to the world fashion catwalks. This thing with an interesting history, as has survived many fashion trends and styles.

Bell-bottoms were created specifically for the fleet. Since 1812, they are considered to form part of official American sailors. In those years, flared started “from the hip” and the pants were not his pants. Clasp has been provided from the side. If a sailor fell overboard, then he was able to quickly remove soaked in water, heavy clothes. Many sailors sewn into leg lead pieces. When walking legs are swaying, as if they swung a heavy storm.

Bell-bottoms almost 150 years were shaped piece of clothing.

In the 60s flared interested in American hippies. For them, the bell-bottomed trousers epitomized the thing in the unisex, suitable for both boys and for girls. The then young people looked the same. All wore brightly colored shirts, flared trousers and long hair.

Flared jeans

In the days of the hippies in these flared trousers started from the knee, and its width was regulated. That hippie gave young people all over the world flared jeans . After a rapid spike in the 70s flared jeans became fashionable element of the periodic wardrobe. They were replaced by pants-pipes and skinny jeans.

Wear bell-bottoms are holders of any figure. Girls with skinny legs skinny jeans are contraindicated, and flared model visually hide all the flaws. Widening toward the bottom of the trouser leg visually mask non-ideal shape of the calves and ankles. Because of this, and full hips do not seem to be too bulky. Adds flare to the image of romance and some lightness.

Choosing jeans, do not be tempted too large trousers at the ankle. Wide model and extravagant flared fit only thin and slender ladies.

Bell-bottoms are especially dear to women that visually make the legs slimmer. To look slimmer and younger than enough to wear bell-bottom jeans model with a high waist, high heels and a bright shirt tucked into jeans.Complemented by way of a bulk bag, backpack, accessories made ​​of metal and colorful cravat. Color pattern on the cloth should be in harmony with the color of the ornament on the shirt.

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  1. Every now and then flared jeans come back in fashion, for example in the nineties. Although when I was younger, I couldn’t imagine wearing something else I would now say, that I like them but that is is a pity that they hide beautiful shoes ;)

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