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Fashion bikini 2014 Very popular bikini

Fashion bikini 

The success of a beach holiday is provided with good weather, gentle sea and the presence of a fashionable swimsuit . Summer swimwear collection consists of bright colors, sexy styles and memories of the sixties.

Very popular fashion bikini variety of colorful hues. Catchy and vibrant colors attract the man’s views, interspersed with beautiful tan and improve mood. Demand model with a provocative ornaments, marine paintings, Hawaiian prints and reproductions of paintings by famous artists. In the trend as bikini metallic colors, which is especially beautiful on dark skin.

Latest bikini decorated with unpretentious ruffles, fringe and ruffles. Those who came to us from the 60′s, such ornaments make the image feminine and elegant. Swimsuit visually enlarge breasts and wide hips conceals too. At the peak of popularity are the details of vintage style in the form of excessive waist, tight belt, bra cups, sealed and corrugated elements, creating a unique female characters of recent years. Vintage swimsuit is gaining momentum popularity, because it can enhance the beauty and luxury of the female form.


Fashion bikini

Impressive look bikini , crochet. They are able to attract the attention of even the most discerning fashionistas. Swimsuit strongly stands out a bikini and look good with a different coat. This applies to jeans, shorts and dresses.

The highlight of the season is considered a swimsuit top, made ​​in the form of bandages. Bandages come with straps or without. The choice depends on the individual preferences mistress bikini and her mood. The model is suitable to any shape, and the top without the straps will not leave white streaks on the skin after prolonged sun exposure.


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