Collection MAX & Co. Autumn-Winter 2013-2014

Every detail, every accessory and every detail convey femininity and elegance. Minimalist lines with the most complex motives textures of fabrics and silhouettes – a new collection of MAX & Co . autumn-winter 2013-2014. The collection is created in a classic style that is so characteristic of the brand, but a fresh and attractive design models, complex graphics and amazing color palette makes it original and strikingly beautiful. Crisp, clean lines combined with soft and comfortable materials look so chic that make us dive into the dreamy atmosphere of autumn, full of romantic and exciting adventures. An important feature of the collection MAX & Co . Fall-Winter 2013-2014 is its practical nature, which implies perfect quality apparel and versatility. Here we see a nice conglomerate of classic and trendy topics that are projected on different silhouettes. Patterns and colors, lengths and volumes – in all observed perfect balance. Collection adapted for casual wear, but with exquisite taste, very trendy and modern, while at the same time, diverse and target that is easy to understand, but we have to admit that it is unique in its kind.

MAX & Co


Stripes and patterns are the main motives for the collection of MAX & Co . fall-winter 2013-2014. Also at the forefront white, black and red color blocks. Skirts and pants neatly wrap around the body. Wool mohair and cashmere coats are designed to complement the outfits and warm on cold days. Classic shirts, plaid fabric, double-breasted jackets, knitted sweaters, short pants, pleated mini skirt and parks are the main elements of the collection. Heavy fabrics, soft pleats and beautiful prints added to the collection of rhythm and give her wealth. The starting point of this collection is also a contrasting combination of feminine and masculine elements, allowing you to create a modern urban style. Jackets in men’s style trousers and give the image a touch of androgyny. Leather items, on the contrary, make the collection more feminine.

Collection MAX & Co

Contrasting but perfectly complementary elements used in this collection – the seriousness of military style with a fascinating and rich feminine elegance. Gaining inspiration from different places and times, the designers used in their brand new collection of MAX & Co . Fall-Winter 2013-2014 Ikat pattern, floral motifs, cell tartan and gold details. The dark blue and dark green coat made ​​in military style, inspired by the ’70s.Maroon velvet jacket and cotton trousers straight cut, and moccasins, black combat boots and lace-up oxfords harmoniously adapted to the subject. Light colors and fabrics create a clean and elegant look. Color, powdered pink and sky blue hues yet come to the fore in this delicate and feminine collection. This soft collection is decorated with shiny crystals that give it one more touch of femininity and roomy bag, a pair of high-heeled shoes and comfortable sleepers perfectly complement the feminine images. Shadow and light, female and male motives, unique patterns and contrasting colors, retro and modern themes, united together give an impressive look. To sum ​​up, it is worth noting that the collection of MAX & Co . Fall-Winter 2013-2014 introduces a trend of classic and elegant style this season with chic clothing, at the same time practical and wearable.



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