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Collection Forever 21 Bats and Cats Fall 2013

The new autumn collection Forever 21 Bats and Cats simplifies choice of costume for Halloween. Items inspired by fictional inhabitants of Gotham City will create a spectacular image and enchant fans of comic books. But the main advantage of the line represented by Atlanta de Cadenet Taylor, is that many of these new products can be worn after the holiday. The collection consists of 63 elements, so that the chances of finding a stylish options to match your fashion preferences are quite high.

Betsy Zanjani, vice president of design at Forever 21 , said the latest holiday dresses modernize many of your favorite story: “This limited collection will allow our customers to discover the unique modern wardrobe items that have a nostalgic charm of the famous superhero of Gotham City.”

Forever 21 blog


Although the new festive line Forever 21 is named after the bats and cats, is dominated by outfits with images of bats. They look so cute, it’s easy to conquer even those who like cats. Sweaters, sweatshirts, sweatpants, leggings with prints, pajamas, T-shirt, comfortable moccasins, rings, necklaces, sunglasses, caps, headbands with cat ears, backpacks – the range is practically unlimited. This collection is focused on comfort, so it is appreciated by those who do not like uncomfortable costumes.

But chic clothes and accessories – are not the only advantages collection Collection Forever 21 Bats and Cats Fall of 2013. This line also offers a simple but very stylish makeup ideas for Halloween, inspired by the prevailing theme here, and do not require a lot of time, patience and skill. If you are used to choose a Halloween costume for the very last minute before the holiday, this collection can be a truly life-saving.




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