5 tips for selecting perfect high heals

5 Tips for Choosing the Perfect Pair of High Heel Shoes

High fashion is now the order of the day, and there are so many extraordinary designs from which to choose. Women are always on the roll searching for clothes, accessories and of course a fine pair of high heel shoes to complete that outfit.

The shoes… So many of us are obsessed with shoes, and some to the point where we will empty our wallet to get a nice pair we really don’t need. High-heeled shoes are so super seductive, but at the end of the day, if it fits poorly they just cannot be worn.

While we obsess about, and purchase pair after pair, it is only practical that we select shoes that we can actually wear, something that will not punish us every time we try to strut our stuff in it. There are certain tips that we would do well to bear in mind when we go to purchase a pair of high-heeled shoes. Here is your guide to making your feet a happy fashion camper.


1. Ensuring it Fits Nicely

One sign that a pair of shoes is not your fit is the appearance of a gap between the shoe and your heel or that arched area of your foot. This is an indication that the shoes are too wide for you. That space will cause your feet to slide around in the shoes when you walk. All that moving around cause friction and curling of the toes as the wearer tries to get a grip. The pain and discomfort this cause can be so unbearable damaging to your feet.

Bear in mind that the size of your feet may change as you age. The right size is not synonymous with the right fit. Try on a few styles before making a final decision.

2. Too High

Women are obsessed with height, and choose some very high heels that are really stressing to the feet. A common problem with these heels is that they place pressure on the ball of the foot, the ankle and the knee. The higher the heel the worst the stress on these areas, and the more the toes will dangle.

If you choose to go high, get a pair of shoes with some thickness under the ball of the feet. This offers support and offsets some of the height on the heel.

3. Chunky Heels Offer More Stability

If you watch many women walking in stiletto heels you can see the unsteadiness in their strides and some very consciously trying to maintain a steady gait. This places stress on feet and leave women dying to kick off the shoes before they get home. Chunky heels offer more comfort and are friendlier to the feet.

4. Avoid Pointy Toe Shoes

As cute and stylish as pointy toe shoes are, they are a nightmare to the feet. The narrowness of the front of the shoes squeeze and packs the toes together, and that is just torture. The toes have to work so hard to create some stability for themselves and the feet. The results are bunion aggravation, hammertoes and other toe contractures cause an overall deformity of the feet.

5. Inadequate Support Material

Imagine the silent gymnastics the feet have to perform when subjected to high-heeled shoes with tiny straps and a strip going across the toes being the only material offering them support. The elevated position of your feet will naturally create motion, but with so much free space, that motion increases. Ankle pain, along with a pair of tired and sore feet are sure rewards for wearing these types of high heels for long periods.

While fashion is fab, and it’s tempting to get in on the latest, it is best to take care of your feet so they can take care of you.

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